What is a Crowded House Gathering? We’re glad you asked! Ever since the Church was born it has purposed itself to not just gather on Sunday mornings in a building, but she has scattered into homes throughout any given city. All throughout the Book of Acts, we see the rhythm of gathering in large numbers and in small numbers. At The Grove, for two Sundays (July 7 and 14) we are not gathering at Frost Elementary on Sunday mornings, but instead into our Neighborhood Groups throughout the region. We have always been a church that values the priesthood of the believer, and there is no better way to do that than to give opportunities for more people to use their gifts to build up the body. By decentralizing our gatherings on these two Sundays, we are trusting God to not just use a few people to use their gifts, but expectant to see how the Spirit encourages His people with many people investing and exhorting the Body of Christ.

We know this is unconventional in our culture. But we don’t want to blend into this culture. We want to challenge it, and invite all those who have an interest in Jesus to be invited to follow the Jesus of the Bible, and sometimes that means we do unconventional things today, to rediscover what was normal and natural then. Will you join us in this journey? Will you come and contribute to a Crowded House Gathering near your home?


Pick the location that is closest to where you live below.
Every location will begin their Gathering at 10am
(except PG South, which will gather at 9am)

If you have any questions about Crowded House Gatherings, click on the neighborhood group leaders e-mail under the location you plan on attending.