Prepare Him Room - Week 1

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Ready or not the countdown to Christmas day is in full swing! Knowing the weight and wonder of the Advent season, we the church want to come alongside you and give you the tools disciple your kids. In order to prepare you this week, below is a snap shot of what you'll need.

Before you jump in make your own advent wreath.

There are directions on page 4 of the devotional. Then, beginning on the first Sunday in Advent, start your first week’s devotional by lighting an Advent candle.

Part 1 - God's Promise: The Hope of a Child

Supplies needed for family activity - Color the Names

  • Recording of Handel's Messiah (youtube has several options)

  • Crayons, marker, paints, etc.

  • White paper

Sing together! Sovereign Grace has provided a unique and fresh sound for families to listen and sing together. You do not have to have the CD's, thankfully all songs are on Youtube. You can find "He Who is Mighty" below.

Part 2 - The Angel's Announcement: A Visit to Mary

Supplies needed for A Christmas Garland:

  • One of your children's baby announcements or ultrasound photos

  • Freshly popped popcorn

  • Fresh cranberries

  • One large sewing needle for each strand

  • Fishing mono-filament or heavy-duty thread-one eight foot length for each garland

  • Two large beads for each strand

Sing along! "What Child is This" can be found below.

Part 3 - The Fulfillment of God's Plan: Jesus Came in the Fullness of Time

Supplies needed:

  • Chocolate pudding

Sing together! "God Made Low" can be found below.

Bartimaeus: A Christmas Story - Chapter 1

At the end of each section there is a story to help commemorate the season of Christmas. This story would go well at bedtime. Each chapter ends leaving the reader hanging to build to the weeks to follow.

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