Are you ready for Advent?

Starting This Friday, December 1st, you're invited to take your children on an intentional and anticipating journey of celebrating Christ's coming!

Click the video below to catch a glimpse of what is in store for your family this advent season. How we prepare now will best serve our kids later as we point them to the Savior this Christmas season.

Access "Truth in the Tinsel" family devo immediately!

I failed to mention in the video that there is an online ebook already available if you click the picture below. Also, it is available on the Grove app under the "coming up" tab at the top right of the home screen. If you did not get a printed copy of Truth in the Tinsel this past Sunday or need more printable ornaments, they will be available when you check in your kids this Sunday. Praying for you as you connect with your child's heart to connect them to the Savior's.

Aaron Cotton