Advent Week 1

Access "Truth in the Tinsel" family devotional immediately!

Click the picture below for the online ebook. It is also available on the Grove app under the "coming up" tab at the top right of the home screen. Printed copies of the family devotional and the ornaments will continue to be available near the check in area on Sunday.

In the family devotional...

If you are feeling overwhelmed let me take the pressure off! The goal is for you to have a simple and intentional plan to walk with your child through the truths of Christ's coming. Each day the devotional breaks into four sections. I'd aim at hitting the circled portions below.

No time to do a craft or color ornaments or go further that day? Totally okay. Jesus is still at work in you and in your family in the everyday stuff of life. Prioritize slowing down and doing what's best for you and your family. Start somewhere and make the most of the opportunities to direct your child's heart to this Savior we're celebrating this Advent season.

Highlight in the devo_day 1.jpg

Scripture memory for the Month of December

Take a look at the highlighted portion below to see what scripture we're memorizing for the month of December. Kids will be called up to quote Luke 2:10-11 on January 7th.

Online_Advent memory verse.png
Aaron Cotton