Advent Week 2

In the family devotional this week...

The main passage you'll be in this week with your family is Matthew 1:18-25 and Luke 2:1-7. No, you don't have to stay here but it is intentional in placing us in the narrative of the Christmas story. Below are some additional questions and passages to go deeper as you spend devotional time with your family.

Day 11

  • What Old Testament passage spoke of Jesus' name before he was even born according to Matthew 1:23? (In Isaiah 7:14, 500+ years before). Why is prophecy a big deal?
  • What does your kid's names mean? Tell the story of why you gave them the name you did.
  • Did you know Jesus' name has meaning? His name means "God saves" and in His coming He is "God with us." In order for Him to be with us he must first save us. How have you experienced Jesus' saving and Him with you?

Day 12

  • Among all the people in the city, God had a plan for Joseph and Mary. Do you find yourself lost among a lot of people in school or in other activities? Or do you feel like you have gone unnoticed in this family?
  • Read Psalm 139 together as a family. Point out how God knows exactly where we are and see us so therefore we have not gone unnoticed in His eyes.
  • Ask you family, "What is your response after hearing God created us, knows us intimately, and is always present? What does this say about God? (Answer: He wants a relationship with us). Do you desire to enjoy and know Him more?

Day 13

  • Did you know Bethlehem means "house of bread"? Jesus also calls Himself the bread of life later in John 6:35.
  • Speak of the feeding of the 5,000+ and Read John 6:26-40. Emphasize verse 35. How is that possible, to never go hungry or never thirst again?!
  • What does bread do? Does it fill you up? In the same way, how does Jesus fill you up? If we don't find our joy and "filling" in Him we will look under the Christmas tree for it. Where do you go to find most joy and most happiness?

Day 14

  • How do you think Mary and Joseph responded when they were told there was no room in the inn for them? (nervous, scared, in panic...).
  • Luke writes, it was "the time for Mary to give birth"... What timing huh?! God had a specific time for Jesus to be born that wasn't Mary's or Joseph's. Yet the bible doesn't mention any complaining on their end. When you are inconvenienced or don't want to do something your parents are asking you to do, how do you respond?
  • How do we need to prepare Jesus room in our hearts today?

Day 15

  • Above all places, Jesus was born among livestock and placed in a feeding trough. This was the most unlikely spot for the Savior of the world to be born. God uses the unlikely and lowly and uses it for His glory.
  • Mary and Joseph could of easily thought, "Both of us and Jesus deserve better!" But they humbly submitted to where they were and trusted God for the results.
  • Read Luke 14:11. What does Jesus mean?
  • Where in your life do you think you deserve better? What does it look like to live a humble life? (serving others, thinking of others more, sharing, helping mom and dad around the house, etc)

Day 16

  • Read Mark 15:33-47 together, especially verse 46. Jesus was laid in a manger and would later be laid upon a wooden cross. Jesus was born to die for our sins to bring us into a relationship with Himself.
  • What connection can be made between the cloth Jesus was wrapped in at His birth and at His burial? Because Jesus came and was wrapped in linen we could be wrapped in His righteousness. How can we rest in what Jesus has done for us? Is there an area in our life where we are motivated by our own desire to be right rather than making much of Jesus?

Scripture memory for the Month of December

Take a look at the highlighted portion below to see what scripture we're memorizing for the month of December. Kids will be called up to quote Luke 2:10-11 on January 7th.

Online_Advent memory verse.png
Aaron Cotton