The Hearts Desires - James 4:1-10


I wanted to circle back around from this past Sunday and remind families where we are at in our devotionals. We believe you as parents are the primary disciple-makers in the home to shepherd your children in the truth by constantly inviting them to follow Jesus in all areas of life. Below is where we give you a tool to engage your children's hearts.


Do you have "fights and quarrels among you" in your home? If so, this week is for you.


Last Sunday our kids dove into James 4:1-10 in hopes to expose and identify the idols in our life that are robbing us from true joy in Jesus. Idolatry is a serious sin because God has demonstrated His love in the most profound way - by sending His own Son to take the punishment for our sins. When we covet something in the world, we are rejecting God's love and the relationship He extends to us in Christ. God wants our pleasures, our desires, and our love to be focused on Christ.

This week everyone should be on Week 72 in the Old Story New devotional book which goes with story 150 in the Gospel Story Bible.

Much thanks goes to the parents who challenged their children to memorize Scripture! It was a joy to see our kids hiding God's word in their hearts and the fruit of your labor last Sunday. Our new memory verse bookmarks for the month of February are available. You can find a printed copy for you at the check in table on Sunday. This month's memory verse to be quoted on March 5th is Matthew 6:9-13.

Enjoy the rest of your week!


Aaron Cotton