Worthy is the Lamb - Revelation 5:1-14

Jesus, the Lamb of God, is worthy.

Our kiddos this morning opened up to the book of Revelation. You mean that book in the back? Yup, you got it. Check out below what we learned and the gospel revealed.

Here in the book of Revelation we see the culmination of the gospel - “Worthy is the Lamb who was slain.” (Revelation 5:12). Jesus is that Lamb. The hundreds of thousands of lambs sacrificed in Old Testament times could not take away sin. But Jesus, the Lamb of God, was a worthy sacrifice for sin. His worth is sufficient to atone for all sin, and his worth commands our worship and praise. By his blood, he ransomed people for God from every tribe and language and people. We join all of heaven when we sing “Worthy is the Lamb.”

This week everyone should be on Week 77 (page 537) in the "Old Story New" devotional book. This month's memory verse to be quoted April 2nd is Romans 5:5-6.

Enjoy your spring break! Let everything we do and in each moment echo, "Worthy is the Lamb!"


Aaron Cotton