Promotion Sunday is THIS SUNDAY -June 4!

"Where is my kid going to be on Sunday?" So glad you asked, click on the video below.

Promotion Sunday Guidelines:

- Kids from 6 months to those 2 yrs. will remain in the nursery (Those turning 3 after August 31, 2017 will remain in the Nursery)
- Kids from 3 years old (on or before August 31, 2017) to pre-K will be in Pre School

-Those entering into Kindergarten in Fall 2017 will be in Lower Elementary in the cafeteria (K-2nd grade) .

-Those entering into 3rd grade in Fall 2017 will be Upper Elementary in the cafeteria (3rd-5th grade).

-Those entering into 6th grade in Fall 2017 will be in Grove Students (6th-12th grade) (*students do no meet every Sunday but on assigned Sundays throughout the month. Click HERE for their schedule)

-Seniors graduating high school are allowed and encouraged to finish the summer out in Grove Students. By August 31st they will officially graduate.

Aaron Cotton