The Tower of Babel: Genesis 11:1-9

When man exalts himself, God will humble him.

Continuing on in the book of Genesis our kids learned this morning:

  1. Our sin invites God's judgment
  2. Our pride reveals our need for God
  3. What sin has scattered, grace will gather

Where is Jesus?

Read Revelation 7:9-10.

Ever since God scattered those who were building the tower of Babel, people have been divided into separate groups speaking different languages. But believing in Jesus changes all that. By ultimately wiping out the effects of sin, Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross tears down the dividing wall between people and God. It also tears down the walls between individuals, and between one group and another. Right now, all those who believe in Christ are citizens of one holy nation. And when the curse of our sin is broken and our unity in Jesus is made complete, people of all languages and nations will worship Christ together in heaven. The book of Revelation tells us that everyone in heaven will worship God with the same words. Today we speak in hundreds of languages. But in heaven we will all sing with one voice.

In the home.

We are on week 7 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 46). A good day to focus on is Day 3 which has you read Revelation 7:9-10 with the tower of Babel in mind. Questions that would be good to ask include:

  1. At Babel God scattered the people. What does this story tell us God will do with those people? (God will gather than back together again)
  2. What will all the people Jesus brings together do in heaven? (They will all sing praises to God.)

Memory verse

This month's memory verse (Psalm 119:89-91, the highlighted portion below) is going to be quoted THIS SUNDAY (July 2nd)!

Praying for you as you disciple your kiddos towards the God who brings us together as one. In our pride we are scattered and alone but in Jesus we are in union and filled. Praying the Lord pours into you as you pour into your kids.


Aaron Cotton