God Chooses Noah: Genesis 6-7

God's grace and mercy provide salvation for Noah and his family.

Yesterday morning our kids continued their journey through the book of Genesis and were introduced to Noah. We learned:

  1. Apart from God's grace, sin controls our life (Genesis 6:5)
  2. Even in God's judgment, he is merciful to sinful man
  3. God's judgment is just.

Reading about Noah and the flood should make us think of Jesus and His salvation.

In the flood, God did finally judge the world for its sin. Peter tell us that the floodwater is a symbol of our baptism in Christ because the water of baptism covers our sin just as the floodwater covered the sinful world (1 Peter 3:20-22). Also, Noah's ark was a symbol of God's salvation in Jesus. There was only one way to be saved from the floodwater. You had to go through the door and live in the ark. The bible tells us that Jesus is the gate or door through which we must go for salvation.

In the home

We are on week 5 in the Long Story Short family devotional for this week (starting on page 33). Be prepared this week to discuss God's justice and human sinfulness. The first question on DAY ONE may carry you throughout the week. It states (on page 34), "Why would God want to destroy the people he created?" (Answer: God wouldn't be a good God if he didn't punish sin.") Why was Noah spared? So that Jesus would come. 

Memory verse

This month's memory verse (Psalm 119:89-91, the highlighted portion below) is going to be quoted on July 2nd.

We're praying for you as you train little minds about God's holiness and justice. Noah was known as one "who walked with God" (Genesis 6:9). Slap that on my tombstone and be done! Praying for you as you walk with God yourself and point towards His goodness to your kids along with way.


Aaron Cotton