God Makes a Covenant with Abram - Genesis 15

God's grace to us is revealed in the calling of Abram

Yesterday morning our kids learned:

  1. God took initiative with Abram
  2. God made a covenant with Abram
  3. Abram's faith was credited to him as righteousness

Where is Jesus?

Read John 15:15-17

This passage in John's Gospel tells us that we were chosen by God, just as Abram was. God took initiative in calling Abram, and then in making a covenant with him. In the same way, God took initiative in calling us and making a covenant with us in Jesus.

God's covenant with Abram was about the future. It pointed forward to the new covenant of salvation in Jesus. Our covenant with Jesus is the fulfillment of God's promise to Abram. We are part of the many nations God would bless through Jesus, the offspring of Abram.

In the home

We are on week 9 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 58). I would also encourage all parents to read the introduction where the author addresses just parents (pages 1-7). There are some good reminders of the "riches" that have been entrusted to us as well as some helpful and practical tips when it comes to leading our kids in the truth. Here are some questions that stood out to me for this week:

  1. What did Abram do that God counted as righteous? (Day 1)
  2. What is a covenant? (Day 2)
  3. What did God promise in His covenant with Abram? (Day 2)
  4. Why did God put Abram to sleep and go between the pieces Himself? (Day 2)
  5. What is the name of of Abraham's far off grandson who died on the cross to take away our sin and make us righteous? (Day 3) Romans 4:13-25

Memory Verse

This month's memory verse is Psalm 139:1-3 (NIV). The highlighted portion below will be quoted on August 6th.

I know there are a whole slew of questions up there, it was hard to pick just a few for this week. Genesis 15 is a powerful passage because it shows us from the very beginning of the importance of covenant and faith in the promise. Would you prioritize discipleship in the home and spend 10 minutes talking about these truths with your kids?

Praying for you and for God to do a work,


Aaron Cotton