God Gives Abram a New Name - Genesis 17:1-10, 15-21

God affirms His promise, and Abraham bows to God's authority

Yesterday morning our kiddos learned:

  1. Abram attempts to fulfill God's promise on his own
  2. God renames Abram
  3. Abram worships God

Where is Jesus?

Read Philippians 2:5-11. God renamed Abram, Abraham, which means "father of multitude." The Hebrew meaning of the name shows that God was not just promising that Abraham would have a large number of descendents. God was promising that through Abrhama's offspring salvation would come to many people.

Names are important to God, and He chooses them on purpose. God instructed His Son to be named Jesus, which means "Jehovah is salvation." Jesus is the one who brings the salvation of many that God promised when He changed Abram's name to Abraham. Jesus humbled Himself on a cross, and God gave to Him a name above all names.

In the home

We are on week 10 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 64). I would definitely focus on Day 2. This day is important because it teaches our kids that despite our disobedience God still keeps His promises. Abraham and Sarah didn't have the patience nor the endurance to wait so the took matters into their own hands. Yet, God still pursued and fulfilled His promise.

Memory Verse

This month's memory verse is Psalm 139:1-3. The highlighted portion below will be quoted on August 6th.

What a great reminder we get to cling to: God keeps His promise despite us. I'm thankful for stories like Abraham because it reveals that our wayward, impatient, and insecure hearts can only be made right in Jesus. God's faithful with Abraham and He is also faithful with us, even in the trenches of parenthood. Though we fail, speak out of anger, and get impatient ourselves, His presence is ever close bringing the true relief and freedom we're longing for.

Clinging to the promise of presence with you,


Aaron Cotton