God Provides a Wife for Isaac (Genesis 24)

God's plan and our prayers work together

Yesterday morning our kids learned:

  1. Abraham knew God would be faithful
  2. Abraham's servant prayed in faith
  3. God perfectly answered the servant's prayer

Where is Jesus?

Read Ephesians 1:3-5, 11

Paul tells us that as Christians we are predestined, or chosen, according to God's plan. This is similar to how God chose Rebekah for Isaac. Abraham's servant prayed for God to show him a certain kind of woman for Isaac, and at that moment God had Rebekah walk to the well. God had already planned it!

God had an even larger plan in mind. Rebekah became Isaac's wife, and from their descendants Jesus was born. Long before Jesus was born God chose people and arranged the events for their lives in order to carry out his plan of salvation through Jesus Christ. Isaac's wife became an important part of that wonderful saving plan.

In the home

We are on week 15 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 99). If I had one sit down with my kids this week I would focus on these questions:

  • All of Day 2! There are some great questions about the servant stepping out in faith and trusting in the Lord's direction
  • What can we learn about God from this story? (Day 3)
  • Read Matthew 6:8 to your children and ask them how it fits into our story. (Day 3)
  • Parents, explain a time when you had to trust God for something. (Day 4)
  • What does it mean to trust God? (Day 4)

Memory Verse

This month's memory verse is Psalm 145:1-3. The highlighted portion below will be quoted on September 3rd.

Aaron Cotton