Jacob and Esau - Genesis 25:19-34

God directs all things from babies to birthrights.

It was good to gather again as a church family yesterday morning! We enjoyed having your kids back with us as we continued on in our journey through the book of Genesis. Yesterday morning our kids heard the story of Jacob and Esau. We learned:

  1. God knew the older son would serve the younger
  2. God blessed Isaac with twin boys
  3. Esau sold his birthright in fulfillment of the prophecy
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Where is Jesus?

Read Romans 9:8-15.

Have you been wondering why God told Rebekah that her older son would serve the younger? Here, in the book of Romans, God gives us the answer. God wanted to show that he controls everything. By choosing the meeker, younger son over the firstborn, stronger son, God was showing us that He didn't need man's strength to accomplish his plans. In the end, God wanted everyone to see that His people are saved by our faith in Him alone, not because of when we were born or because of anything we do.

We are saved by faith (trusting in God's plan), and even our faith is a gift God gives to us. The most important part of God's plan to save us was the death of His Son Jesus upon the cross, who died to take our sins away.

In the home

We are on week 16 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 105). This week is a great opportunity to remind your kids that God is sovereign and in control of everything which includes our salvation. Out of love, God chooses to extend mercy to some. Some might see this choice of God as unjust, but Paul addresses this ins Romans 9:11-16. Since all men are justly condemned and deserve death for their sins, God doesn't have to save anyone. Therefore, when God saves anyone, He demonstrates mercy. The scandal, if there is one to report, is that God chooses anyone at all.

Read the story yourself (Genesis 25:19-34) and retell it to your kids. If I had one sit down with my kids I would focus on these questions:

  • Which of the sons do you think should have been the leader? (Day 2)
  • Why didn't God follow tradition and have the younger son serve the older? (Day 2)
  • Did Jacob do anything that made God want to choose him over his brother? (Day 3)
  • Why did God choose Jacob to carry on God's promise? (Day 3)
  • Why do you think God chooses us to be a part of His family? (Day 3)

Pray about it! Thank God for loving sinful people and reaching out to save them.

Memory Verse

Due to Harvey and the inconsistency it brought, we are going to skip August's memory verse and move on to September's. The new memory verse for this month is Psalm 145:8-9. The highlighted portion below will be quoted on October 1st.

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I'm praying for you as you get back into your "normal" rhythms as a family. As we all adjust back to what is left on this side of Harvey, I pray you make discipleship in the home priority. Will you make it a goal to sit down at least once as a family to talk about Jesus? I'm praying for you to sow seeds of truth and for the Lord to bring about fruit in your heart and the hearts of your kids.


Aaron Cotton