Jacob's Lie - Genesis 27

The purpose of God will stand in spite of man's sin.

Yesterday morning our kiddos learned:

  1. Isaac desires to bless Esau
  2. Rebekah directs Jacob to deceive his father
  3. Isaac's blessing is given to Jacob
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Where is Jesus?

Read Acts 3:12-15.

Did you notice that Peter didn't call God "the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Esau?" If you remember from the story, God chose Jacob rather than Esau to carry on the covenant promise he made to Abraham. In that covenant, or special promise, God said that Abraham's children would become a blessing to all nations. That promise was passed on to Isaac and then to Jacob.

Then one of Jacob's far-off grandchildren, Jesus, would become the blessing to all nations that God promised. When we trust in Jesus we are adopted into Abraham's family as one of God's children.

In the home

We are on week 17 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 111). Read the story yourself (Genesis 27) and retell it to your kids. It's amazing to see in this story that despite our sin (in this case - deliberate lies) God still accomplishes His purposes.

If I had one sit down with my kids I would focus on Day 2 because it challenges us to trust God always and speak the truth. Our tendency is to manipulate situations by lying to get a desired outcome that we think is "good". From the very beginning in Genesis 3 we see that when we determine what is good things go very bad. We learn from this that we are called to surrender our desire for control and trust in God. In the end God works everything out for good, even the sinful things that happen.

Pray about it! Ask God to help you trust Him and always tell the truth.

Memory Verse

September's memory verse is Psalm 145:8-9. The highlighted portion below will be quoted on October 1st.

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Aaron Cotton