Jacob and Rachel - Genesis 29:1-30

We reap what we sow.

Yesterday morning our kiddos learned:

  1. Jacob searches for a wife
  2. Jacob makes an agreement with Laban for Rachel
  3. Jacob is deceived

Where is Jesus?

Read Genesis 29:21-35.

Remember how Jacob dressed up like Esau, lied to his dad, and stole his brother's blessing? In our story this week, Jacob finds out what it feels like to be tricked. Instead of keeping his promise to give his younger daughter, Rachel, to Jacob, Laban dresses his older daughter, Leah, as the bride. Jacob doesn't discover the switch until after he is already married to Leah. 

When Jacob discovers the truth, he complains to Laban, who quickly offers to give Rachel to Jacob if he works for him for another seven years. Jacob agrees and begins to work to take Rachel as a second wife. When God sees that Leah is not loved, he blesses her with six sons.

This is where we find our connection to Jesus in today's story. One of Leah's boys, named Judah, grew up to become the far-off grandfather of Jesus. His people would be called the tribe of Judah.

In the home

We are on week 19 in the Long Story Short family devotional (starting on page 124). Read the story yourself (Genesis 29) and retell it to your kids.

Of course, all the days are great, but if I had to focus on one day it would be Day 3 because it reveals the irony of the deceiver now being deceived and how God still uses it for His glory. It is the unfortunate situation and unlikely person, Leah, God chooses to bring about the Messiah years later.

A good question to ask can be found on Day 1, "How was God at work in this story?" This discussion can teach your kids the God is sovereign even in the small details.

Memory Verse for October

Thanks parents for making each first Sunday of the month possible! It was really neat to see familiar and new faces up there yesterday morning in our gathering pointing us to the goodness and vast love of our God by memory.

October's memory verse is Proverbs 3:5-6. Printed bookmarks will continue to be available throughout the month of October at the check in and resource table on Sunday. Also, a digital copy will be sent out each week like the one below. Check out the highlighted portion to know what we'll be quoting on November 5th.

Online bookmark_October 2017

Practical Tip!

"Waking up 15 minutes earlier each morning before school has been a game changer, we haven't missed a family devotional." This may not be the exact quote but it's pretty close to what Lance shared yesterday in the sermon. If waking up earlier is best, would you be willing to wake up a few minutes early for the sake of inviting your kids to love Jesus by exposing them to His truth?

This isn't intended to be the formula across the board for everyone, but if intentional teaching time has not been happening in your home, would you be willing to do something different to make it happen? Will you go before the Lord and ask what you may need to do differently to embrace your role as the primary faith trainer of your children?

Praying for strength as you die to self so that your children can find life in Jesus. 


Aaron Cotton