God gives Moses the 10 commandments (Exodus 19:1-20:23)

God demands perfect obedience.

Sunday morning our kids learned:
    1.    God reveals himself to the people
    2.   God gives the law to the people
    3.   God repeats the key commandments

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Where is Jesus?

How does today's Bible story fit into God's greater plan of redemption?

Read Galatians 3:19–24.
In this passage, Paul is saying many important things. But we want to focus on how the
Old Testament law of God points to Jesus.

God gave Moses the law so the people would know what was evil in the sight of the Lord. Through the law the people would learn they could never satisfy God’s demands for holiness for no one can keep God’s law. We are all sinners. This created a problem that God’s people could never solve by themselves. We need a Savior. Jesus became our Savior by obeying God’s commandments for us and dying on the cross to take away our sin. There is no way our salvation can be earned. It is, as Paul says in verse 22, “the promise by faith in Jesus Christ ... given to those who believe.” This is how the law points us to Christ for he is the only one who can keep God’s commandments and the only one who can take the punishment away for all the commandments we have disobeyed.

In the home

We are on week 34 which starts on page 224 in the Long Story Short devotional. Days 2 and 3 jumped out most to me because it connects the giving of the Law and the need for Jesus. It invites your family to acknowledge their brokenness and healing made available in Jesus.

Pray about it! Ask God to help you remember what Jesus did for you each time you sin and break God's commands. Take time to confess some of the ways you have broken God's laws and ask God to forgive you.

Here is February's Bookmark!

Check out the highlighted portion below to see what verses we will recite in our Gathering March 4th. Get ahead of the game and begin practicing now with your kids!

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Aaron Cotton