God Has Mercy on Israel (Exodus 33-34)

God forgives Israel's sin

Sunday morning our kids learned:
    1.    God says he will no longer go with Israel
    2.   Moses appeals to God again
    3.   God makes a covenant with Moses

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Where is Jesus?

How does today's Bible story fit into God's greater plan of redemption?

Read Hebrews 12:18-25.

This passage begins by talking about the mountain that Moses went up on to receive the Ten Commandments. It reminds us how the people had to stay far away from God. Moses was a good mediator for the Israelites, but the perfect mediator is Jesus. Now we do not need to be afraid to come to God. Our mediator, Jesus, has made peace with God for us.

The only reason God accepted Moses as a mediator was because God knew that one day the promised Savior would come and be a perfect mediator..

Family Discipleship - "Time" in the Home

We are on week 37 which starts on page 244 in the Long Story Short devotional. This week we see in the redemptive story the emphasis on the role of being a mediator. We see Moses interceding on behalf of the people when they had no leg to stand on. Ultimately, Moses serves as a type of the Great Mediator Jesus, who intercedes on behalf of us. If I had three days to focus on it would be days 2, 3, and 4. Questions that would be good to cover are:

  • How did Moses act as a mediator in this passage? (Day 2)
  • Why couldn't Moses see the face of God? (Day 2)
  • How is Abel like Jesus? Why is Jesus death better than Abel's death? (Day 3)
  • What did God remind Israel they needed to do for their firstborn sons and animals? (Day 4)
  • How did killing a lamb in place of the firstborn son point forward to Jesus? (Day 4)

Pray about it! Pray the same prayer Moses prayed and ask God to go with your family. Thank God for being slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love and faithfulness.

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Here is March's Bookmark!

Check out the highlighted portion below to see what verses we will recite in our Gathering in April. Get ahead of the game and begin practicing now with your kids!

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Parenting - "God's tool in the forming of human soul."

Last Sunday I announced that we have a resource table just for parents to help encourage you and provide wisdom while in the trenches of child raising. All the books are great, but if I were to recommend just one for parents it would be Paul Tripp's, Parenting: 14 Gospel Principles That Can Radically Change Your Family. For the next 14 weeks I'll post 2 minutes clips from this book to help all of us cling to these gospel truths together. If you don't have the book wait to buy it! We will continue to have it on sale at a discounted rate (8$) this Sunday for you to pick up!

Aaron Cotton