God Gives Samson Strength (Judges 13-14)

If you are looking for this month's bookmark for next month, keep scrolling down the page!

If you are looking for this month's bookmark for next month, keep scrolling down the page!

Sunday with your kids

Lesson summary: God cares for Israel in spite of their indifference and sin.

In our bible story we learned:
    1.   Israel continues to sin without repentance
    2.  God visits Manoah
    3.  God uses Samson in spite of his sin

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Where is Jesus?

How does today's Bible story fit into God's greater plan of redemption?

Read Hebrews 4:15.

There is a noteworthy similarity between Jesus and Samson. Both of their mothers received word of their birth and the unique call upon their lives from an angel. Both husbands, Manoah and Joseph, were also visited by the angel to confirm what was said. And both Jesus and Samson were blessed of God as children. Samson however was an earthly deliverer whose sin greatly took away from his accomplishments.

Although Samson was one of several judges appointed to deliver Israel, Samson's life demonstrates the fraility of earthly deliverers. Samson became foolishly distracted with the pleasures and desires of the world. Jesus was different. Jesus came as a deliverer but did not fall into sin (Hebrews 4:15).

Family Discipleship - "Time" in the Home

We are on week 48 which starts on page 319 in the Long Story Short devotional. This week expose your family to:

  • Day 1 - God's unconditional love for His people
  • Day 2 - Faith in the One whose name is too wonderful to share
  • Day 3 - The sacrifices in the OT point towards the greatest sacrifice of Jesus
  • Day 4 - How God used Samson
  • Day 5 - Jesus serving as our High Priest

Pray about it! Use some of the names of God in prayers to thank God for all He does. For instance, you could thank God for being our Father in heaven, the Creator who made the earth, and our Savior who rescued us from sin.

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Scripture memory in June

Check out the highlighted portion below to see what verses we will recite in our Gathering Sunday, July 1st.

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Rest - A Gospel Principle for Parents

God is for me and with me. He rules what I can’t rule, He gives me what I don’t have by myself. I can rest in the daily, moment by moment knowledge that I am not alone.
— Paul Tripp
Aaron Cotton