The Glory Belongs to God Alone (Daniel 4)

Scroll down to see this month’s bookmark!

Scroll down to see this month’s bookmark!


Sunday with your kids

Lesson summary: The glory for all we do belongs to God.

In our bible story we learned:
    1. Daniel interprets Nebuchadnezzar’s second dream.
    2. God humbles Nebuchadnezzar.
    3. Nebuchadnezzar is restored.

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Where is Jesus?

How does today's Bible story fit into God's greater plan of redemption?

Read Daniel 4:27-33

Daniel told the king to obey God’s commands—to stop sinning and practice righteousness. But even if the king wanted to stop sinning, he would not be able to. And if he could stop sinning, he would still be guilty of all the bad things he had already done and would still need to be punished for his sin. What the king really needed was to give up and call out to God for mercy.

We are all sinners. We continue to sin no matter how hard we try not to. Plus, all the good things we do cannot cover up the bad things we have already done. Our only hope is to call out to God to save us. God has provided a way for us to be forgiven by sending his Son Jesus to die on the cross for our sins. It is only when we trust in the good work of Jesus on the cross that we can be saved.

Family Discipleship - "Time" in the Home

We are on week 74 which starts on page 499 in the Long Story Short devotional. Take a peek below to catch a glimpse of what is in store for family discipleship this week.

  • Day 1: The God who reveals mysteries

  • Day 2: God rules over everyone and everything

  • Day 3: Only Jesus can take away sins

  • Day 4: God calls us to live with humility

  • Day 5: Rejoice! Jesus is our cornerstone and is our salvation

Pray about it! Ask God to help you trust in the Lord, be humble, and not be slow to believe like Nebuchadnezzar.

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Scripture memory

Check out the highlighted portion on the bookmark below to see what we will recite in our Gathering Sunday, February 3rd.

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