The Hidden Treasure (Matthew 13:31-46)

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Sunday with your kids

Lesson summary: Jesus, our treasure, is worth everything we own.

In our bible story we learned:

1. The parable of the mustard seed.

2. The parable of the hidden treasure.

3. The parable of the pearl.

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Where is the Gospel?

How does today's Bible story fit into God's greater plan of redemption?

In Matthew 13:35 Jesus quoted Psalm 78:2 to explain why he was speaking in parables. These parables reveal the secrets of the gospel that lay hidden since the creation of the world. The treasure in the field and the pearl of great price have great value because of the gospel. The gospel is an invaluable treasure because it makes a way for us to become children of God and enter his kingdom.

Family Discipleship - "Minutes" in the Home

Continuing on in the New Testament, we are on week 19 which starts on page 135 in the Old Story New devotional.

Pray about it! Thank God you know the best secret of all time: Jesus is the Savior of the world.

We’re taking a break from Scripture memory for the month of June due to our Crowded House Gatherings July 7th and 14th. We’ll pick back up in July to quote the first Sunday in August. Stay tuned!

Aaron Cotton