The Crucifixion and the Criminals (Luke 23:42-43)

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Sunday with your kids

Lesson summary: God’s forgiveness is available even to those worst sinners.

In our bible story we learned:

1. Jesus spoke forgiveness in the midst of his suffering.

2. Jesus was mocked.

3. Jesus hung between two criminals.

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Where is the Gospel?

How does today's Bible story fit into God's greater plan of redemption?

Along with the unrepentant thief, the chief priests, and teachers of the law, Mark tells us that even those people passing by joined in the mocking of Jesus. They challenged Jesus to save himself and came down from the cross. They repeated Jesus’ claim to rebuild the temple in three days and jeered.

Jesus would in three days rebuild the temple—the temple of his body. Three days after his death, Jesus would rise again. The mockers called out for Jesus to save himself. Little did they realize that if Jesus had listened to their mocking, no one would be saved. But by dying on the cross, Jesus made it possible for even the mockers to be saved.

Family Discipleship - "Minutes" in the Home

Continuing on in the New Testament, we are on week 37 which starts on page 260 in the Old Story New devotional.

Pray about it! Thank Jesus for the dying the death we deserve and raising from the grave to give us the life we could never attain.

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