Growth Group Overview

Neighborhood Groups are where we go to learn how to be a family, to serve together, and how we engage in local mission. Growth Groups are the place where we go to study the Bible, confess and repent of sin, and remind one another of the truth of the Gospel. Growth Groups are best started by grabbing 3-4 people (maximum) and meeting at a convenient time for everyone in the group. We ask that each growth group is focused around the following format:

  1. Reading the Bible together and asking “What do I need to do to obey Jesus after reading this?”
  2. Repentance and Confession of sin with one another. 
  3. Reminding one another of the Gospel truth: our acceptance with God and others is based on Jesus' performance, not our own.
  4. Devoting themselves to pray for one another, their church, and their city.

To Prepare you, here is a personal discipleship plan.

1. Pick a Book of the Bible for personal discipleship. If this is new to you, we encourage picking a gospel to start with (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John.)

2. We recommend using simple Bible Study Methods when reading God’s Word. Here are three ways in which you can begin to read the Bible for all it’s worth:

Classic Bible Study Methods

  • Observation: When reading the Bible, ask yourself and God, “What does the text say?”
    • Take note of simply what the text says, not what you think it says, but what it actually says.
  • Interpretation: When reading the Bible, ask yourself and God, “What does the text mean?”
    • Take care that you try not to read too much into the text, but instead draw out of the text what the author originally intended.
  • Application: When reading the Bible, ask yourself and Go, “How does this text work in real life?”
    • Now that you know what the Bible says and means, what are you going to do as a result?

  REAP Method

  • Read: Read it silently, out loud and take notes on what you think is significant. 
  • Examine: Work through the list of questions below to figure out what the passage means:
    • What is my emotional reaction to the passage? Pause and ask God why you reacted that way.
    • Pause and take note of anything you don’t understand. 
    • What do you learn about God, myself, or people from this passage?
  • Apply: No matter where you are spiritually, what would it look like for you to obey the Scripture? Write out your response to this question.
  • Pray: Ask God how you can honor Him after reading, examining, and applying this passage this week.

Text-Theology-Life Method

  • Text: Read the same passage from the Bible throughout the week and ask the Holy Spirit to help you see with renewed eyes what He wants you to see so you can be changed as a result. 
  • Theology: After reading the text, try to figure out what main theme God was trying to communicate about Himself, about how the world works, or about humanity. Seek to find the beauty of God in what you believe the text is saying as you better understand God’s character. 
  • Life: As a result of reading the text and drawing theological conclusions, insert your life’s failures, fears, and victories into the flow of conversation. Graciously dig deeper into one another’s motivations, trying to discover the sin beneath the sin and/or the true self that God longs to draw out of each of us.  

3. Journal and record what you hear God saying to you as you read and ask Him the following questions:

  • What does this passage say about the character of God (His Identity)?
  • What does this passage say about who I am (Your Identity)?
  • What do I need to do this week in response to both of the first questions (Obey God)?

start by joining a neighborhood group.

A Neighborhood Group is a family of missionary-servants who are sent out into our city by God to accomplish his mission of making disciples who make disciples. Our Neighborhood Groups are the hub for all of our activity outside of our Sunday Gatherings. Here, you’ll study the Bible, discuss the sermons, pray for one another, eat together, and discuss life’s doubts, joys, failures and victories. 

Because we believe that being apart of a local church means more than gathering on Sundays, but also encouraging one another to submit to Jesus in all of life every day of the week, we encourage everyone who calls The Grove Church their home to be invested in a Neighborhood Group. 

Our Growth Groups are funneled through our neighborhood groups. That means that we encourage the group of 3-4 people you are studying, listening, & repenting with to be birthed out of the neighborhood group you're in.