Grove Kids

Kindergarten - 5th Grade

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Our kids aren’t just the Church of tomorrow, they are the priority of today. We believe that families should worship together, so we invite you to get here a little early to check in your children and then bring them with you into our Gathering place in the gym. All of our kids at The Grove participate in singing with their families on Sunday mornings along with everyone else. At the point when the pastor gets up to preach, he’ll dismiss the kids to their age-appropriate, safe environments. Both upper elementary (Grades 3-5) and lower elementary (k-2) will be dismissed to the adjacent cafeteria where they’ll enjoy a gospel-centered lesson, snacks, and crafts.

Every age group will be led through the same lesson each Sunday giving parents the opportunity to re-teach, review, and refresh at home, what they learned on Sunday. Grove Kids will be taught lessons from The Gospel Story Curriculum.


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Following the same curriculum as our Grove Kids, our Preschool Kids enjoy a gospel-lesson on their level and in their language: fun! In a designated area at Frost, loving and attentive teachers lead our kids into a discussion through God's word that usually ends in a craft or a coloring sheet. Because we want all of our kids to know the Gospel Story, if your kid starts at The Grove during this time, they will repeat these stories three times by the time they graduate elementary school. 

Our Nursery


Kids that are newborns all the way up to before they are crawling are welcome to be with mom and dad in the Gathering place on Sundays in the gym. In fact, we welcome those little ones to make as much noise as they need to in order to get accustomed to this new world. So, don’t worry about how much noise they make; Jesus made sure to include little ones in the Kingdom (Matthew 19.14).

After they start crawling, we understand that they become a little more difficult to manage. Kids that can crawl all the way up to the age of 2 are welcome to be in our Nursery where they’ll be cared for by servants that have background checks run on them for the safety of our kids. Your kids will not just be cared for by those that love kids, they’ll also enjoy crafts, games, and lessons about Jesus at a level that is appropriate for their age. The Nursery is located just down the hall from the Gym on the right, and is open at 9:45am. 

Grove Students

6th Grade - 12th Grade


We offer an age-appropriate study for our students that are in 6th through 12th grade twice a month for Student Sundays. The Sundays when they are not in an age-appropriate Bible study, they are invited to participate in the Gathering or serve on a Serve Team, where they will be taught the value of servanthood and loving others. 

Our kids will enjoy prepared lessons from loving leaders that have a heart to not just host a Bible study, but live life amongst our students.

For more information about our student ministry, you can email Aaron Cotton.


Parent Resources


God's plan for discipleship starts in the home. God's people are called, again and again, to disciple the generations with the stories of God's faithfulness (Deuteronomy 6.1-7). We encourage everyone that has kids that are still at home to take be the primary disciple makers of your own children. No matter how good the programs are at church, we can only supplement the life that you are living. True discipleship happens not when you bring your kids to church, but when you are the church in little moments as a family. In fact, we chose the curriculum that we use in Grove Kids on Sundays for the explicit reason that it was the best option to help parents have Gospel-conversations at home. With that being said, you will find resources below for you to purchase through We have also created a bookmark with a new lesson to walk through with your kids each week, along with the memory verse of the month on the back. These are available at the kids check-in table, or you can download it at the link above.  If you have more questions about discipling your kids, you can contact Aaron Cotton, Family Discipleship Leader. 

The Resources we Use 

Family Discipleship Apps

Here are some apps that can help you disciple your children well

"God is" books

Other Recommended Resources