Lent 2018: Stand Firm

On the traditional Christian Calendar, there are a few seasons that invite Christians of all denominations and traditions to step into the life of Jesus, thus making Him the center. This year, we are focusing on the Armor of God from Ephesians 6. Just as Jesus was led into the desert where He was tempted by the devil, so do we join Him in becoming more aware of our enemy's schemes

For those of you new to the Lenten season, let me invite you to do a few things:

First, heed Jesus' invitation to follow Him. Throughout the Gospels you find Jesus inviting people of all races, ages, and genders to follow closely to Him as He traveled throughout the region spreading the Good News. As He did, thousands would come to Him with their needs, and occasionally, He'd meet them. Lent is a season of bringing our needs to Jesus and pleading with Him to meet them, according to His mercy. 

Second, Lent is a time to be renewed by the commands to repent and find rest in Jesus. Through the next six weeks leading up to Easter, we'll enter an intentional season where we will be asking God to reorder our lives and loves so that they are more clearly focused on loving Jesus above all things. You and I cannot enter that season without a time of repentance and confession. I encourage you to take some time today to ask the Spirit to reveal to you: "What I have put before you in my affections?" A good way to discover this is by reviewing your calendar, your checking account balance, or to ask a trusted friend to help you identify where you've gone astray. 

Third, find something you've depended upon for far too much for far too long for security, rest, or identity and give it up for Lent. For me, I'm fasting from an hour of sleep each day so that I can spend some intentional time with Jesus each morning. My calendar has swallowed me lately, and it's time to re-order my priorities, starting with some intimate time with my Creator. So, whether it's chocolate, tobacco, Netflix, TV, or too much work, now is the time to identify that which has a grip on you and move towards removing it's influence over you. 

Finally, participate in our weekly fasts by using our Lent Guide. Throughout Lent, we'll provide you with things to fast from and guidance on what to to replace that from which you are fasting. This year, we are focusing our attention on Standing Firm in the faith by putting on the Full Armor of God from Ephesians 6. As we do, you'll be encouraged to participate in various practices for your spiritual formation. 

Lent is my favorite time of year, and there is good reason. The intentionality of the six weeks before Easter are difficult, but it makes Resurrection Day that much more sweet. After all, there is no Easter Sunday without Good Friday and Silent Saturday. Pain always produces joy, if we'll let it. And it is to that end, that I now invite you to follow Jesus, sacrificing simple pleasures, and remembering the suffering which Jesus endured on our behalf through this beautiful season of Lent. 


Lance Williams, Lead Pastor of The Grove


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