The primary means by which we engage in mission is through Neighborhood Groups. We have a Mobilization Team made up of gifted lay-people to help get the saints moving towards mission both across the street and across the sea. By God's grace, we have begun partnering with these organizations and families to help bring the Gospel to our neighbors, networks, and the nations. 

Mission Across the Street



The Travis/Foster Young Life was started and is led by partners of The Grove Church. By intentionally pursuing relationships with high school students at Travis & Foster, YL hopes to give every adolescent the opportunity to meet Jesus Christ and follow Him. They do this through loving leaders, intentional relationships, and prayer. To get more information, please contact Mat Yelvington here.


For The Bend

For The Bend is a collaborative effort between several churches in the Richmond/Rosenberg area of Fort Bend County. Through this arm of The Grove, we hope to see churches work together in ways that promote collaboration, unity, and common mission of seeking the welfare of our city (Jeremiah 29.7). To find out more information about how your organization can help us care for the orphan through our Parents' Night Out, which we host at Frost Elementary on a quarterly basis, email Cristina Martin here.


Every month, we head to The DePelchin Children's Center in Richmond to help care for and love the orphan through birthday parties and presence. The Children's Center is Residential Treatment program. This program treats children and adolescents struggling with severe mental, emotional or behavioral problems that inhibit normal functioning in a family setting. The purpose of the program is to help youths develop the coping methods, internal control and social skills they need to transition to a home environment. To get more information, please contact us here.


Attack Poverty

Attack Poverty exists to strengthen under-resourced communities through spiritual growth, education, revitalization, and basic needs. We partner with Attack Poverty seasonally through serving our neighbors by providing basic needs, by pursuing collaboration amongst churches in our city together, and in more recent years, by helping serve our neighbors after the Memorial Day Flood of 2016 and Hurricane Harvey from 2017. 


Mission Across the Sea


House of Love | India

Since 2010, several of The Grove's partners have been traveling to the foothills of India to join God in what He's doing through our friend and pastor, Beek. Back in 2007 and 2008, the Christians of Orissa were faced with much persecution brought on by the radicals. Since then Beek has taken in 40 orphans, who make up The House of Love, and has started a church planting ministry. Where the mass persecutions are not as prevalent today, the individual persecution still exists. When we're there, we serve in many tangible ways like caring for orphans and widows (James 1.27), building up the local church, equipping pastors and planters, and encouraging women in their priesthoods. When we are not there we get to partner with God through prayer: That God would move through the darkness and bring light (Eph. 5.13), that hearts of stone would be made into hearts of flesh (Ezekiel 36.26), that the fatherless would find their identity and hope in the Father (Psalm 68.5), and that all creation would be made new (2 Cor. 5.17).


The Smith Family | Zimbabwe

Geoffrey and Renee Smith along with their two children Seamus and Layla left their beloved Barry Farm to become missionaries to Zimbabwe. Their story has been picked by the Houston Chronicle, as they are using the first half of 2018 to raise funds to get to the mission field in Zimbabwe where they will serve with TEAM as church planters, health care workers, and farmers...all things the Lord has graciously equipped them to do successfully while here in the States. For more information about the Smith Family, click here


Church Planting Partnerships

These are churches that we are partnering with in the Gospel to bring the Good News to our area.