Growth Groups

Neighborhood Groups are where we go to learn how to be a family, to serve together, and how we engage in local mission. Growth Groups are the place where we go to study the Bible, confess and repent of sin, and remind one another of the truth of the Gospel. Growth Groups are best started by grabbing 3-4 people (maximum) and meeting at a convenient time for everyone in the group. The first 15 weeks of our Growth Groups are guided through a curriculum that gets you into the DNA of our group culture and on the right track toward spiritual growth. After the first 15 weeks, it is up to the group on what they want to study, at the pace, time, and location that works for them. We only ask that they only focus on four things in Growth Groups: 

  1. Reading the Bible together and asking “What do I need to do to obey Jesus after reading this?”
  2. Repentance and Confession of sin with one another. 
  3. Reminding one another of the Gospel truth: our acceptance with God and others is based on Jesus' performance, not our own.
  4. Devoting themselves to pray for one another, their church, and their city.

Redemption Groups

For those that realize they have a problem with any particular sin or addiction, these groups are designed to renew the mind and renovate the heart. Over 10-12 weeks, groups of 5-8 work through a curriculum that is based on the Book of Exodus. Through this curriculum, the group will be reminded that God is a God of redemption and deliverance from slavery of all different kinds. After these groups conclude the curriculum, they are encouraged to assimilate back into the life of the church, sharing what they’ve learned, what they’re continuing to struggle with, and how the family of God can help them continue to recover and realize the redemption that is theirs in Christ Jesus.