Thanksgiving Brokenness

“It’s the most wonderful time of the year…” We are getting ready for the holiday season and all around we hear Christmas songs playing while the beautiful colors of fall and Christmas begin to flood the places we frequent. And it is barely mid-November. With all of the great “feels” that come from this holiday season, one of the things that often gets overlooked, and therefore not addressed, is the brokenness that exists behind the smiling faces and many gifts.

Divorce, abuse, custody battles, losing a job, sick kids, and all of those family relationships we never healed from but will be present at a Thanksgiving meal, are just a few things some of us are facing as we enter this “wonderful time.” What would it look like for us to be a faithful Family of Missionary Servants this season with such things in mind? Let me suggest to you to take time this Thanksgiving to find the kind of gratitude that produces trust in Jesus. Take time to remember all He has done for you. Only in being Christ-centered will we be able to enter this season armed with the hope that is found in the Gospel. It will free us from having to put up a front, and lead us to a place where we can find gratitude (even in the midst of hard places) because God knows and sympathizes with our brokenness, and is making all things new.

If you happen to not be in a difficult place, praise God for that! But also remember the brokenness that surrounds all of us, and intentionally find a way to be a light and a voice of hope for those that are in difficult place. Who knows, you may become a reason for gratitude from someone that may feel no sense of thanksgiving this upcoming week. 

Here is a link to an article that articulates some practical ways we can do this (with our family, Neighborhood Groups, and friends). Let’s continue to be people that are for Jesus and for Good! 

Grateful for you familia! And for the work we get to do for the Kingdom!

Josue Sanchez, Multiplication Leader

Josue Sanchez