A Neighborhood Group is a family of missionary-servants who are sent out into our city by God to accomplish his mission of making disciples who make disciples. Our Neighborhood Groups are the hub for all of our activity outside of our Sunday Gatherings. Here, you’ll study the Bible, discuss the sermons, pray for one another, eat together, and discuss life’s doubts, joys, failures and victories. 

Because we believe that being a part of a local church means more than gathering on Sundays, but also encouraging one another to submit to Jesus in all of life every day of the week, we encourage everyone who calls The Grove Church their home to be invested in a Neighborhood Group. 

To choose the best Neighborhood Group for you and your family, we ask that you select the closest group to your home. Being geographically organized allows us to live life together as we are sent out to a place together. Commuting to community becomes laborious over the long haul, and we long to see a people committed to a place with the Gospel, together.


Neighborhood  Groups