1. Person Or Family (Believers) Of Choice


Calendar out 30 days of Christians to pray for within your Neighborhood Group, The Grove, and other circles with whom the Lord has given you influence. 

2. Churches Near Us

Acts 29 network | matt chandler, president

Pray for spiritual fortitude and holiness of the staff, elders and other leaders of the church. Pray for their influence to be Kingdom-minded, Kingdom-building, and Missional-minded. 

3. Lost People Groups

 College Students

Pray for the ways in which God needs to renew and redeem that which is lost and broken within the given people-group for the day. Pray for the lost people within given people group and ask God to bring them into a relationship with Him. 

4. Neighborhoods

Grand Mission

Jesus told us to “love your neighbor.” Pray for the Christians in this neighborhood to make time to be outside, meet their neighbors, invite them over for dinner, and practice hospitality so that God’s love can be made obvious. Pray all those within the neighborhood (Christian and non-Christian) to heed invitations to follow Jesus in all of life.