Your Next Steps


The natural question one asks after gathering with a church on Sundays is: "What are my next steps towards involvement and investment here?" We've designed this page to break down the steps towards partnership with The Grove into a simple process.

Find A Neighborhood Group


When we read Scripture, we see a church that prioritized not just a worship gathering on Sundays, but also daily lives with others. It was in homes that we see the first century church maturing, multiplying, and honoring God in reaching their neighbor with the Good News of Jesus. Because we long to be faithful to not just what the Bible says, but also models, we want to follow in their footsteps of gathering on Sundays in a larger setting and scattering into our neighborhoods in homes. 

In the Bible, we see young adults being taught by older men and women, young mom's being discipled by older mom's, senior adults being changed by the passion in a young leader and so on. Because we believe that God has sovereignly placed us in this time and place for a unique reason to reach a unique people (Acts 17.26), we organize our Neighborhood Groups geographically.

Find Your Place to Serve


Christians are a people that should be marked not by being served, but by serving one another. Jesus lived His life in service to humanity (Mark 10.45), and we should do the same. Every Sunday we have teams that help setup and teardown every part of our Gathering. Whether you are a gifted servant who loves to work with your hands or someone who prefers to be in front of people with the Bible in your hand, there is a place for you to exercise your gifts and flex your priesthood. Man or woman, young or old, we want to see you stretched and used for God's glory.

Attend A Partnership Class


Several times a year we host Partnership Dinners where anyone who is interested in knowing more about The Grove, what drives us, or how they can discover their place both on Sundays and in our Neighborhood Groups. These classes are generally four hours on a Sunday afternoon and include Rudy's BBQ. Childcare is provided by you and we reimburse you for whatever you need at the end of the night. These are a great place to get to know the ethos of The Grove, one another, and what God is doing in our region.