Our Mission

Inviting All People to Follow Jesus in All of Life.


Our Values

The Gospel is not just the door into faith in Jesus, but the path of the Christian life (Romans 1.16-17). God's people have always been marked by a life, not just a moment, of faith.

As God's children, we are united by our common Father and are compelled to treat one another as siblings (John 1.12). As God's kids, living as family isn't always pretty, but it is always better.

While going across the sea gets most of the press of being on mission, we believe it is equally important to go across the street. Being a missionary in our own city is the call of every follower of Jesus (Matthew 28.19-20).


Every believer in Christ, man and woman, adult and child, has a unique priesthood that we hope to see blossom over many years of faithful service together (1 Peter 2.8-9).

God wants to make all things new, and He can’t wait for us to see this world renewed by God’s power and purpose (Revelation 21.5). We long to be a people who seek the welfare of our neighborhoods and world (Jeremiah 29.7). 



1. We Are Faithful Stewards

Jesus told several parables about a master going away, but leaving stewards, or managers, in charge of his estate (Matthew 25.14-30; Luke 19.11-27). We believe that God has put all Christians as stewards over his "estate." In doing so, when we think of ourselves as faithful stewards, we believe God is calling us to wisely manage our time, talent, treasure, and truth for His glory (we call that "4T"). While we can get caught up in how much fruit we are bearing, what matters most in our stewardship is that we faithfully put to use whatever God has entrusted to us in order to help bring His kingdom to earth and build His church. 

2. We Find Sufficiency in Jesus

In a busy world, our affections are in constant tension. What will take first place on our priority lists and in our hearts (Matthew 6.33)? We believe that Jesus' final sacrifice on the cross should allow us to say "no" to some really great things and people in life. When we can say "no" to those things and people that we love, we allow ourselves the margin to say "yes" to Jesus and to rest completely in His final work on our behalf. As we do this, we will find our hearts full of the love of Jesus, able to live life rested, in balance, and in step with God's Spirit.  

3. We Are Kingdom Ambassadors

Ambassadors represent a country or king in a foreign land. Interestingly, God has told us that we are His Kingdom ambassadors in this world, as messengers of spiritual reconciliation with our Father through Jesus, and relational reconciliation with one another (2 Corinthians 5.16-6.1). Because this is true, we believe that all believers should labor to wave the flag of God's Kingdom, and not our own. As ambassadors, we bring God's Gospel to those that are in a far-away land. Though they are far off, God longs to bring them near (Colossians 1.21-23; Ephesians 2.13).

4. We Become Trusted Friends

The last night that Jesus was on the earth, He asked His friends to keep watch with Him. Alas, James, Peter, and John could not stay awake for very long before succumbing to their need for sleep (Matthew 26.30-46). We long to forge the type of friendships where we have people keeping watch over our souls and we are keeping watch over theirs. Spiritual formation over the long haul cannot happen alone, therefore we look to build the types of friendships that will weep with us on our worst days and celebrate with us on our best (Romans 12.15). 


We center everything at The Grove around three movements: making disciples, maturing disciples, and multiplying disciples. We are not successful until we multiply both as individuals and corporately (Matthew 28.16-20). It is not enough to simply enjoy one another as Christians. Instead, we must intentionally pursue growing together, so that we can healthily multiply disciples who make disciples to plant churches which plant churches.